User Comments: Hendon Mob Poker Database


You guys have done an AMAZING job for years now, I would like to have my profile perfected since everyone always references your site for my tournament winnings. - Dan Fleyshman

Just wanted to say... THM has excelled once again... What a great idea the subscription service is... absolutely amazing... well done! - Mark Banin

Wow that was fast... u guys rule. Thanks for doing such an amazing job. I don't know how you guys do it. But you do! - Phil Laak

You have the best site for stats and etc - always the one I use and refer people to! Good job :) - Isabelle Mercier

I have found that your listings of my stats are most accurate .... Thank you... Baby! - Scotty Nguyen

The Hendon Mob database is a thing of beauty. - Jon Young (WPT Magazine Editor)

I would like to thank you for all the great work you have put into making the best poker player DB in existence, truly remarkable. - Daniel Kinzel

Senior Producer at the World Poker Tour and a BIG FAN OF YOUR SITE!!!!!!! - Jonnie Kedj

Just wanted to tell you how great your website is. Good job. I wanted to do something like this like 15 years ago but I'm sure I could never have done such a thorough job. - Todd Brunson

Firstly I'd like to say I love the site, its far and away the best of its kind. We [Jim Kerrigan, Peter Gould, Praz Banzi, Charles Chattha] all agree that you are running the best poker database site online and use it on a regular bases to keep updated on what’s happening in the poker world. - Jim Kerrigan

This staggering resource is the definitive database of poker tournament results. It's updated constantly, and already carries 2007 WSOP results. And once you get your name on there, you'll be battling with your poker mates to see who can get the best stats. – Poker Player Magazine (Issue 25)

Potential sponsors use your database like a bible. - Jeff Kimber

Thanks for fixing my stats ... I'm pretty sure you are now the only online service to have my record correct! - Laurence Hughes

Thank you very much for your time and effort in making these additions. The level of help you provide is truly outstanding! - Miroslaw Klys

Love your website think it is amazing. - Priyan de Mel

BTW, the site is amazing, especially how comprehensive your database listings are. Great job! - Brian Johnson

You guys do a great job! - Lee Nelson

Great database. - Phillip Hellmuth

Hendon Mob is both a noun and a verb now. You should be proud of this. - Keith Hawkins

First off, I'd like to say that Hendon Mob is by far and away the most up-to-date and thorough database of players and tournaments available. I use it often. - Donald Peter

Please please continue your great work... you are making a lot of people happier and proud. - Sebastian Kruse

Thanks for having the ONLY correct database. - Jeff Sotman

Thank you very much... THANKS AGAIN! You have been the 1st to contact me AND actually honor my request to remove incorrect info. - Lisa Hamilton

You guys are doing a great job as always. I tell people all the time to check out the site. - Todd Brunson

Not a big deal but your database is so impressive that it’s worth this message. Thanks a lot for your site and what you are doing for poker. - Stephane Malhuret

Thanks and compliments on an excellent resource. - Peter Dalhuijsen

Your hard work has resulted in a lovely site. - Paul Fischman

We all really love your Web Site! - Jonnie Kedj, Senior Producer, World Poker Tour

Thank you so much. Not only are you guys comprehensive, but you give a personal touch! I'm impressed. - Srinuan "Dow" Greenberger

Great job on the db, it’s fantastic. - Michael Millar

I would just like to say that your site is the BEST poker related site on the web, well done and thanks. - Danny Fuller

Of all the web sites I have used, I find yours by far the easiest to use and the quickest to access info I need. - David Jones, Broadway Casino

For your excellent and informative website, I would like to commend you…..Your support is as good as your page!!! - Pascal Goffart

I'm a poker player and I'm a huge fan of your website! It's really the best one to search for a player's results. - Sebastien Chevillet

I would like to congratulate and thank the entire team of the Hendon Mob for running the best database poker site. - Andreas Fritz

I just wanted to say that I love your site and it contains a lot of interesting stats and valuable information.- Leon Borin

Let me say that I love your site. Your player database is unmatched, and I am constantly checking with your poker calculator to ensure that I make the right mathematical decisions. - Marcus Grambau

I really appreciate the massive amount of data you provide to the poker community. - Kasper Saugmann,

You do a really good job! I love your site. - Hans Joachim Hein

Thank you a lot for your work, it provides the poker world with really valuable information. - Igor Kurganov

I’ve just been introduced to the Hendon Mob Database by a friend and was very impressed with the setup and profiles on players from around the globe. I can now check up on my friends and see how there doing. - Chris Wood

Thank you for having me on your database. It's not something I've really taken notice of before, however now that I've had a look I can only say that this is an impressive collection. Well done to those who keep this updated. - George Dickson

Congratulations on running the best poker site on the internet! - AJ

As I’ve said before, awesome work on the poker db - Fredrik Andersson

Many thanks for taking the time to try and get a good shot of me and my new mate Hevad! - Steve Davis

Great web site, I use it a lot. - Henrik Bodholdt

I recently found your website you are doing a great job in keeping poker players update and more recent info. - Candy Kolfage

Just wanted to drop you a line to say I think the WSOP updates etc that you're running in the database is great, thanks very much for doing it! This is my first non Vegas summer in a while and I'm missing all the action, but at least with your assistance I can quickly and easily catch up with who's winning what. Thanks again, keep up the good work Mobster. - Robert Garfield

Superb site that I come back to over and over again - especially during the WSOP. - Martin Östman

You all are doing a great job during this WSOP. All the updates are very quick and good!!! - Niek Janssen

Thanks for your job, this website is fantastic. - Isaac

Your database is absolutely the best. I love it!!! Thanks!!!!! - Shamanalix

Congratulations for maintaining the Hendon Mob as one of the best sites. You are still one of the sites that I recommend to people. - James Browning

Blimey, that was quick. I wished you worked for my bank! - David J Sparks

WOW! Thank you for correcting Caesars Palace error in Lighting speed! This is just another reason WHY you guys are the BEST!!! - Robert Gruenberg

The best stats, results and winnings poker database even after all these years. An irreplaceable part of following poker! - Paul Seaton

Just letting you know you're ALWAYS the first site to update. ALWAYS. Keep up the good work, and thanks as always. - Jason B. Goldman

I LOVED the [ranking] list. Thanks Very Much. - Robert Garfield

Thanks for the great job you guys do, I love your website! - Barry Schultz

Thank you for being good enough not to point out that I'm an idiot.- AM

Thanks the fast response, and once again, thanks for a great site/service. Keep up the good work, we all appreciate it. - Daniel Haglund

I really like [the] job [you’ve done] and congratulations on the database. - Dimitri Mangiaracina

Thank you for your courtesy and efficiency...normally poker website take ages to correct stuff... - Riccardo Lacchinelli

Thanks, thanks and thanks you are my very great friends...grazieeeeeeeeee - Roberto Sabato

Keep your great work going guys, you make Hendon to one of the poker capitals in the world :) - Sebastian Kruse

Thanks so much for your kind, receptive and professional attitude. - John Ivey

Perfect. Thank you very much! That’s the reason The Hendon Mob is the best :). - Matthias Rauscher

WOW...... You are fantastic, thank you so much. - Andrea Borea

Having your name on the Hendon Mob site is a badge of honour in the poker world. - Seán Kilroy

Robert you’re a star. Many thanks mate and best wishes to you and for your fantastic site. - Mark Segal

I really love this site. - Eric Arreca

Your team do a great job on the blogs and keeping us all up to date with events. - Jim O’Connell

Thanks again for your help with this. For what its worth, your help has greatly exceeded my expectations. - Jon Cole


You are fantastic...really. If you come in Italy come to me in will be my special guest!! - Gaetano Bauso

Keep up the good work on your site. It really is the best. - John Angus

You’re the greatest…I’ll be in touch. - Hank Sitton

Wow, you guys surely have the most extensive records. $50 buy-ins from 1990! Somebody did a lot of work! - Joe Holmes

I have to say I’m very impressed by your reactivity and by the global work of the Hendon Mob. You website is extremely useful and you are very helpful to the community. - Eric Larcheveque

Great job with the website; easily the best database on the Internet. Keep up the good work, I visit the website daily! - Timothy Adams

Thank you very much! you guys are great. - Maria Maceiras

Thanks Rob!! You're great!! - Alessandro De Michele

Nice site... I love the money lists and the newest poker events/results. - Simon Wilde

I must say this site is brilliant my partner referred me to it and I'm very pleased he did as the customer support is spot on. - Shelly Grafton

Just to let you know I think you have an awesome site! - Erik Smith

Thanks for takng the time to explain this to me. You guys rock. - Zachary Sendar

Just wanted to say this diary is the Dog’s Bollocks. Saved me from writers cramp. I now have a useful tool without all the paperwork. - J G Boone

Thanks for your great site. - Antoine Arnault

We are huge fans of your your site here at the WPT. - Adam Strohl, Producer, World Poker Tour.

Thanks for the feedback, brilliant information. Cheers mate. - Chris Hutchinson

Thanks again for your input and a great job on the site - it's fantastic. - Kit Manoel

I love your all-time WSOP lists. - Tom McCormick

You are doing a great job with your database and site! - Anon.

First of all congratulations with your great database and thanks for publishing it! I'm a big poker and stats fan and I like this encyclopaedia. - Marcus Grambau

Thank you so much for your reply. It was quick and answered my question to my satisfaction. Keep up the great work! - Gord Brenner

Great site. - Derek Lerner

Thanks for your efforts in maintaining the DB; like many players, I rely on it! - Steve Brecher

Congratulations for yours fantastic website!! - Diego Bettella

Grrrrreat site, very informative and up to date, more so than any other poker site.. keep up the good work. - Anon

Thank you so much. I do really appreciate your action and e-mail. - Erol Zeren

Great support Rob thanks. - Brian Martin

I [have] still have found much more I've been looking for at your site than any other. - Roger Karlsson

Thank you for your time and work on the database. It's great!! - Somphone Phaphol

Congratulations for your database service, perfect and flawless... - Giacomo Fundaro

Again, I am impressed with the fantastic statistsic work "The Hendon Mob" has been doing. - Sven Arntzen

Thank's guys - you're the best! - Matt Edwards

By the way, not sure if you work on the main Hendon Mob Poker Database site but it is an excellent resource. I am in the IT field and I was very impressed with the clean fast-loading interface. - Nico

Brilliant site guys. Thanks very much. - John P. Tai

I have got [a picture] added to other sites, but certainly yours is the most respected. - Michael J. Davis

Thanks so much! You guys are fabulous. Love the site and Im so happy I'm on it now! - Andrew Watt

Your site, articles, updates, service, etc. is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Stephen "theNUTS" Feraca

OK, I have to say that I'm impressed. I was just perusing your site, and found a picture of me on my player page. Considering I'm a virtual unknown :) ... very impressive. - Marlis Sawicki

Your database is beyond great. - Niklas Welander

You guys do a great job with that database. I can't begin to imagine how much work goes into keeping it updated. - Jonny Vincent

Great site, keep up the fine work. - Greg "NJ Big Slick" Weldon

You have truly been cooperative beyond any of my expectations. Thank you again. - Jonathan Marks

You have an up to date page and great employees working for you. - Merry Perry

That's quick work guys. Simply the best poker service. - Mark Dolan

Great website. - Gary Parsons

I love your database, you all do a real good job. - Anon

Your Beginners Guide is the best I have seen so far online… Great way to learn. - Thanks! Mguel

This [beginners] guide is the most awesome one I have seen for any of the card games !!! Great Job guys !! - Ron

Congrats btw to the best poker results page out there! - Fredrik Andersson

Love the amazing database. - Stefan Janicki

Once again I must say that your site is great. - Peter Jørgensen

I have to say I really like your poker database, it's great to be able to check up players and tournaments. - Daniel Haglund

Thanks for having a great site to log on to for all the poker essentials one could wish for. - Michael Bartov

I love your site. - Michael Reed

I love the site! - Brian Cospolich

Keep up the excellent work. - Shane Schleger

I just wanted to let you guys know that the poker diary will be a very helpful tool and I think it is very kind you do not charge anyone to use it. - Bruce Jobe

Was having a look through your site for the first time today. Without doubt the best poker database. - Ronan O'Malley

Again thanks for your help .... I appreciate the customer service. - Yves Farges

Wow, you work fast, thanks again. - David Smith

Great job man, you guys have such an epic good support it's not even real! :) - Miikka Anttonen

Thank you. Your site, by far, is the most accurate and efficient with posting results... you guys are always on the ball. - Jason B. Goldman

Thank you very much for all the work that you do! The site is fantastic. - Chad Moomjian

Your service is perfect! Thank you very very much. - Luca Falaschi

Mate do u ever sleep? Lol You have to be the most professional outfit in the business Thanks for update - Patrick Healy

Thanks so much for taking care of this. Means a lot to me. Your efficiency is rare and greatly appreciated. - Clayton Fletcher

You guys have the most incredible, comprehensive database, and you are by far my favorite go-to site for anything poker related, especially statistics. - Flaminio Malaguti

I really love that I got a thorough response from my e-mail, I am always nervous I'm going to get a canned response, this was wonderful, and all the more reason for me to support hendonmob... Thank you for providing a great web site, and great customer service! - John Riley

I love your website. - Linda Johnson

Wow, if you thought I had kind words before about HendonMob, that service was so fast and AMAZING! I'll be talking about how impressed I am with you guys throughout the industry. - Dan Fleyshman

You guys have the most comprehensive results database I have run accross. I am spreading the word great job! - Salman Jaddi