Frequently Asked Questions: Hendon Mob Poker Database


  • What events qualify for the database?

    We include all major poker tournaments which take place as part of a festival, together with special one-off events as well as recurring (regular daily, weekly or monthly) tournaments. The tournament buy-in is not a consideration. The most important thing is to get complete set of results (names of all players who cashed) for each event and we cannot upload single cashes/results.

  • I am a tournament organiser, how do I get my events listed?

    Listing qualifying events in the database is entirely free, we simply ask that you provide us with the relevant information and we'll take care of the rest. Please email [email protected] with information on any forthcoming events you would like listed in the database with as much information as possible (download example festival schedule/template), i.e.:

    • Dates and starting times for each event. (e.g. 27-Nov-09 to 28-Nov-09, Day 1 starts 3pm and plays to final table. Day 2/Final Table starts 4pm).
    • Buy-in and any fees or deductions from the prize pool. (e.g. $300+30, or £300 - 5% of prize pool deducted for staff)
    • Game type and limit (e.g. No Limit Texas Hold'em, Pot Limit 7 Card Stud etc.)
    • Starting stack and clock. (e.g. 4000 starting chips, 30 minute clock)
    • Availablity of rebuys/add-ons if relevant (e.g. Unlimited rebuys for 60 minutes + 1 add-on available). If the rebuys or add-ons are not the same as the original buy-in please mention this.
    • Any additional information you would like the players to be aware of (e.g. buffet provided for all players at 7pm. If play does not finish by 2am tournament will continue next day at noon).

    If submitting a festival schedule to us, you are also welcome to post it on our forum. Please ensure information is still emailed to the [email protected] and note that advertising of any online events, including satellites, is forbidden.

    Please follow the instruction in the next question in this FAQ once the event is over.

  • What do I need to do once an event has been completed?

    Please send through all results to [email protected] on completion of a tournament. Obviously we would like to be able to publish them as soon as possible, players are keen to see their results added immediately, but we realise that in a busy card room during a festival you may not be able to send them out the same day. We particularly appreciate named pictures of players who cashed, together with any tournament reports if available.

    Our preferred format to receive results is in Excel/Open Office format (download Excel template), with the following information in separate columns:

    • Player Name
    • Player Location (e.g. Los Angeles, CA or London, England)
    • Amount Won
    • Additional Notes (e.g. "Deal made between last 5 players" or "prize money includes $1000 ticket to main event")

    Total prize pool, number of entrants, number of rebuys/add-ons etc. should also be included if available. If you would like a template just email [email protected] and we'll be happy to provide one. Of course we know the amount of work a card room has to deal with during poker festivals and are happy to receive results in any format that is easiest for you. Player locations are not essential but if you can provide them (nationality being the most important) that's great. If you publish your tournament results on your own website just a link to that is all that's required, but please note due to the number of venues we deal with we aren't able to check each one's website for updated results. Please let us know if you are publishing results on your own website at the start of the festival. If your website includes photos of winners and we are not permitted to use them ourselves, please let us know.

  • I am a player, I would like to submit a biography and/or picture for my profile, how do I do that?

    Simply email [email protected] with your biography/photo(s). Photographs do not need to be of you at the poker table. If submitting a photo taken by a professional photographer rather than a friend/family member, please confirm you have permission from the photographer for it to be used on our site. We cannot publish photos which are copyright or watermarked another poker website without permission from the site itself, which is very unlikely to be obtained, so please do not send through photos from sites like Cardplayer, we will not be able to use them. Photos should be as large as possible, up to 1200 pixels wide. There's no problem with sending through larger files but they're not needed, and very large files (greater than 5 Mb) may be rejected by our email server.

  • A result of mine or a player I know is missing, or credited to a mispelled name or another player sharing the same name, how do I get this corrected?

    Any errors should be reported to [email protected] or through our Website Feedback Form. One of the main reasons that The Mob Database is widely accepted as the best in the industry is because of the input we receive from so many players and poker fans - thank you!

    Please bear in mind that we may not be able to add a single result for a player without further information. We cannot add a single result to an individual's profile, we need to add the entire event/festival. If the only information we have is an email from a player saying they cashed in 8th place at a tournament at X casino last May for £1,000, we won't be able to add that into the database proper. The more information you can give us the better our chances of being able to track down the whole result. Please note that for copyright reasons we generally cannot take results from other websites, unless they were the sponsors/organisers or the tournament.

  • How are the ranking lists generated?

    The ranking lists are generated based on the results we have in the database. If two or more players are ranked the same then the final position of each player will be determined based on the following criterion in this particular order: money won, recency of the last qualifying result, place in the last event. The ranking lists are regenerated every night.

  • I would like to add some result to my profile?

    Normally we cannot enter single cashes. In order to enter your result into the database we need the results from the original source for all players who participated in the event. I.e. the event organisers or the casino/venue. The best thing to do is to contact the organisers and ask them to forward the results to [email protected]

  • I would like to add Twitter feed to my profile?

    If you would like to add Twitter feed to your profile then please send a message to support team stating your full name and Twitter user name.

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