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How to Format

put returns between paragraphs

for linebreak add 2 spaces at end

_italic_ or **bold**

quote by placing > at start of line

to make links

<a href="">foo</a>

basic HTML also allowed

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How to Tag

A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Choose one or more (up to 5) tags that will help answerers to find and interpret your question.

complete the sentence: my question is about...

use tags that describe things or concepts that are essential, not incidental to your question

favor using existing popular tags

read the descriptions that appear below the tag

If your question is primarily about a topic for which you can't find a tag:

combine multiple words into single-words with hyphens (e.g. texas-hold-em), up to a maximum of 35 characters

creating new tags is a privilege; if you can't yet create a tag you need, then post this question without it, then ask the community to create it for you

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